Sanford Wilk – Career Biography


Sanford Wilk

Sanford Wilk holds an MBA level from Tulane College, and additionally finished two undergraduate degrees; majoring in Design and Technology. He combines the operational knowledge of his graduate business degree with the creative designer skills to create a pragmatic methodology for solving problems and creating interesting campaigns. In addition to his creative/business background, Sanford Wilk has been published hundreds of times in journals and regulars. His product development knowledge and life cycles, provided for clear and concise skills that were needed to effectively communicate with consumers.

Sanford Wilk as Director of New Media

Sanford Wilk’s years of experience in the paper and journal publishing sector translated quite well into brand-new media. This ultimately led him to take on the function of Director of New Media at the Phoenix Media Communications Group, which was the residence for the Boston Phoenix and WFNX radio (to name a few outlets). His people were accountable for all online sources at this independent information network. The Phoenix shut the doors in 2013, after nearly 50 years of successful publishing. Sanford Wilk fondly recalls his days there.

Sanford’s Passion

Sanford Wilk is a food lover, a tech nerd and also a product developer expert at heart. He takes pleasure in expanding business concepts via careful, focused Web marketing as well as the thoughtful emphasis on the quality of the services or product being offered. Sanford is presently at the helm of EIC and its upright business. His team is agile, highly creative as well as detail-oriented, which matches with the individual desires that Sanford Wilk has established for himself throughout the years.

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